Use the Golden Keys Program to Memorize the Books of the Bible

The Golden Keys is a program that helps you easily memorize the books of the Bible. It is a small file and when you unzip it you will see 23 pages Acrobat Reader pages. Each one of these pages will help you learn the books of the Bible. Golden Keys uses pictures and keys to help you associate it with the books of the Bible. If you are a visual person, this program would be excellent for you. You could use these documents to teach your Sunday School or any kind of group. I plan to teach this to my Children Church kids and to my children in homeschool. Let me tell you a little about the Golden Keys program.

When you open the Golden Keys the first couple of pages will tell you how you can order more copies of the program and who wrote it. Page four will tell you how to use this program. Page five has the Golden Keys that you can print out to use with this as a lesson. You can print these out and color them gold. Just an idea. This is where the visual comes in.

Page six starts the lesson. It tells you about the five books of the law which are Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy. This part has a key and image to go along with it. Then the next page will give you another key and image. This picture is showing that Joshua is judging Ruth. The next three books in the Bible is Joshua, Judges, and Ruth. Isn't that so cool. Each page has a Key and Picture and then a little saying to help you remember the books of the Bible.

You could print these pages out and let the children color them and read over them to study. At the end of the Old Testament is a review test. On this test you will see the different keys. Then there are lines beside the keys to write the books that go along with that key. If the child didn't do well on the review, I would go back over it again before moving onto the New Testament. I think that the Old Testament is harder to memorize than the New Testament. I have memorized the New Testament but haven't yet attempted the Old Testament. I will learn it with my children though.

Page sixteen gives you the keys for the New Testament. Then page seventeen starts the New Testament. The last page is the review test for the New Testament. This test is the same as the Old Testament just with the New Testament keys. When you think the child or children are ready, you can give them a copy of both test.

I think this is a great way to teach or learn the books of the Bible. Even us adults can use this to learn the books of the Bible. I know I look forward to learning them right along with my children. This would be a great lesson to incorporate into your homeschool lesson.

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