Top 5 Books About Doctors and Nurses for Preschoolers

A segment of my career in social services was spent working at a preschool. During that time, part of my job was to help parents and children prepare for onsite wellness visits from the organization's medical staff. I also assisted with gathering materials that could be used to help teach the children about what doctors and nurses do. In the process, I managed to stumble across a handful of books that seemed to work well. With that said, I thought that I would share my list of resources with you. Here it is:

"I Want to Be a Nurse"

Dan Liebman's book "I Want to Be a Nurse" is one that you may want to consider reading. What I primarily like about the book is that it depicts both male and female nurses. The author has also penned a book entitled "I Want to Be a Doctor", which is suitable for story circles as well.

I liked pairing it with the free "You Can Be a Nurse!" coloring books, magnets and posters that are typically available through the Discover Nursing website. Just make sure that you order the materials well in advance. Otherwise, you may end up disappointed. Both the children and parents that I worked with appreciated receiving the materials.

"My Daddy the Nurse"

Paul Bruns has also penned two books that I'd recommend. The first one is entitled "My Daddy the Nurse." The Second one is entitled "My Mommy the Nurse." What I like about the books is that they provide a basic overview of what different types of nurses do on a daily basis.

"Daisy the Doctor"

Felicity Brooks' book "Daisy the Doctor" is another one that I found favor with. Its storyline focuses on what a doctor does and some of what can be expected during an office visit. I also like the inclusiveness of the book's illustrations.

You may want to consider pairing it with the book "If I Were A….Doctor: The Medical World in Pictures!" and Dana Meachen Rau's book "Bookworm Tools We Use: Doctors." They provide pictures of various items connected to the medical field.

"Doctor (People Who Help Us)"

If you ask me, Amanda Askew's book "Doctor (People Who Help Us)" also does a decent job of providing the listener with an overview of what physicians do. I thought that the illustrations were suitable too. I'd suggest combining it with Virginia Schomp's book "If You Were A…Doctor." It also addresses what physicians do and features great pictures.

"I'm Getting a Checkup"

Lastly, I felt compelled to place Marilyn Singer's book "I'm Getting a Checkup" onto my list as well. Its storyline focuses on a child's visit to the doctor. I like the rhyming text and how it introduces the listener to various pieces of basic office equipment and medical procedures.

In my experience, it also pairs well with Kim Watson's book "A Trip to the Hospital." It is part of the Little Bill Series and is designed to help familiarize kids with hospital visits. In addition, there is a "Doctor, Doctor!" song posted on the Genkie English website that could be paired with the book too. It will have the kids moving around and naming parts of their bodies.

Source: Personal Experience

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