The Benefits to Getting Your College Books Digitally

With each and every added expense for college the last thing you want to spend a lot of money on is books. Through many discussions during college I talked with professors about using a tablet to actually decrease cost to both the student and to the university. While universities are not fully on board I am going to show you some ways that going digital can actually save you a lot of time and money with some added benefits.

Digital Copies cost less

Your probably thinking how can I spend less for a digital copy right? Well, think about it this way, when a company has to make the book they have to pay for the labor cost as well as the materials for the book whereas with a digital copy the materials and extra labor is excluded. Once a book goes digital you can price it around just like you would a normal book and find the best price you can for the book, costing you way less in the long run. The fact that the book is digital allows you with many more opportunities to purchase the book because no warehouse is needed.

You can add your own edits and notes

The best benefit to having your college books digital is that you have the ability to edit and add your own notes to the content. While professors encourage you to write in your books and highlight, if you want to resell it this can affect the value that you will get back for the book. This problem however is eliminated by the fact that you can import your own notes and edits to the book in the middle of class or afterwards so that you always have them on hand when reviewing the material. If your tablet does not allow you to edit through normal operation you can download an outside program that will allow you to do so, or if you prefer you can download it to a computer and edit and re-upload it with the edits. Being more specific in your note taking is always important and the fact that you can provide all information given and add additional pages is very important to doing better in college classes.

You can increase your text size

This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits to getting your college books digital. For people who have trouble reading small print the ability to enhance the text of a digital copy is something that is really helpful. Often times when reading I would have difficulty reading small text and would strain my eyes doing so, but with a digital copy I can resize the text to a size that is comfortable for me to read and allows me to read at a quicker pace. With the increase of technology more and more book will become digital and the benefits of going digital will become recognized. I still love reading a hardback book, but when it comes to college being able to add as many edits and notes as possible is important in retaining information learned.

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