I Can Knit – a Children’s Book Review

My daughters', ages 8 and 10, have been learning to knit lately. For Christmas, Santa brought them a book called "I Can KNIT!" This book is amazing and Santa is quite pleased with herself for having found it. The target market is for preteen girls; my eight year old really loves it. My ten year old hasn't taken to knitting quite like her sister has (and that is perfectly fine by me!) so she hasn't done much with the book. There are thirty fun filled and colorful pages. It is designed so that you take eleven lessons and make small items as you progress. The lessons include making a slip knot, casting off, knitting, purling, ribbing, yarn over's, and how to read a pattern. You move on to increases and decreases. Even better is that lessons are included for gauge work, knitting in the round with circular needles, and double pointed needles. They leave no stone unturned and really help build a knitting foundation with the children early on.

One of the things I really like in the book is they include poems to go with some of the stitches. In addition to that, they include how to read a yarn label. I remember when I started knitting that I would stare at a yarn label blankly!

Some of the adorable projects the kids can make are hair bands, hair bows, a pillow, and even an afghan. All of the items are practical and give the projects purpose. Great gift ideas for friends as well!

My younger daughter had been practicing knit and purl before the book was given at Christmas. When she settled down and decided to make something she opted for a tougher project in the back, a knitted vest for her Christmas Bear. She has understood very quickly how to bind off, bind off a few stitches and leaving the rest on, knit two stitches together, adding yarn over's, and even gauge work. She is only about halfway through the pattern and no longer needs me to help her read the pattern. Occasionally she asks to be reminded how to do a yarn over but she really is on her own at this point. Such an encouraging endeavor and she is filled with pride to show off what she has done.

If you have a child who really wants to learn to knit and you are unsure of being able to teach your child (I am horrible at teaching!) I highly recommend this book. We found it at our local AC Moore's. You can also find it online at Amazon and locally at any craft shop or yarn store. The book is written by Annie's Attic and retails for approximately $7.99


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