How to Speed Up the Learning Process

Have you ever met someone who had the ability to see something, and almost like magic, he or she was able to do that thing almost immediately? I know I sure have, and I've done my best to learn exactly what it is that they possess that helps them to produce this see-and-achieve effect. I've read books, taken seminars, watched videos, listened to audio, and most importantly asked questions. After all this work, I must admit that my learning process has been shortened by a massive amount. I sometimes even get asked "how I do it" but the truth is I'm still nowhere near many of the people that I've met who seemed to perform magic in just getting an idea of doing something, and understanding how to do it immediately.

After all my research and practice, I've boiled it down to several things which anyone can easily start today to shorten their learning process by 50-90% *this day*, and each day you continue, will offer more and more speed/efficiency of learning.

1) Set your sights on your goal and concentrate on that until you've got it

2) Begin immediately. Do not hesitate, do not deviate

3) As you begin, formulate some sort of action plan

4) Stick to this plan until it's done/tried. If it doesn't work, try again

5) Don't get discouraged, and always be positive(hey, I don't know about you, but being positive makes *everything* easier for me… everything except being negative)

6) If you don't know, ask. Swallow any pride you may have and ask someone who does know – the sooner, the better.

7) If you achieve it once, do it a few more times to cement whatever it is that you have just learned into your brain

8) Do not get distracted. This is a huge one. Most people set out to do something and quickly get diverted from what it is that they are doing

I personally follow this daily. Yes, it is simple. Yes, it brings in results. I personally plan out every goal that I want to achieve, and everything that I want to learn. Right now, something I'm trying to do is gain a bit of weight(I've been very skinny my entire life and have been trying to make gains for a while now, with a bit of success), and I'm now also planning out my meals also. This one change has brought me more results in less than a month than what I worked for the last 7-8 months.

Now, here's a secret that scientists have figured out fairly recently: once you do something, your brain makes pathways so that you can achieve that thing easier again the next time you try. What's amazing about this, is that these pathways also help other areas! So if you're a runner and you pick up a skateboard, your body will be used to the body-dynamics and you will pick it up much, much faster. Also, accomplishing things in a pyramid-like fashion also helps achieve this type of thing, and is like achieving several goals instead of working like heck and getting discouraged about one huge one.

So, in my case, I've been trying to go from 120 to 150 pounds. I'm now around 142 pounds. The 120 to 137 was around 8 months of work, while the rest was from the previous month of me planning my meals along with workouts.

So, instead of "I want to gain 30 pounds" it would be better to make a goal list, such as:

"I want to gain 5 pounds" "I want to get to 130" "I want to get to 140" etc, each with some type of reward that I get for achieving my goals.

I hope this helps you as much as it helped me.



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