How to Read College Books

When you get into college it can really be hard times with your classes, and just cooping with your own life. Also, what makes it worse is that the books in college can be extremely difficult to read and understand. There are a few things you can do to help understand them easier, and a few things to help memorize the material easier, as well. Here are my tips, from my experience in college, that will help you out.

Give yourself Time: Never do a college reading assignment when you have a minimum amount of time to do it in. When you don't have plenty of time, you become anxious, and worried and do not really comprehend the text or the material. Make sure not to read when you are busy, and you will understand it a ton better than you would if you were worrying about an appointment or something.

Don't Speed Read: When you do what I call "speed reading," you really overlook all the important facts, and just skim the material without actually reading most of it. You skip around, and lose track of what is really important, with the intention of just hurrying up with the reading, instead of actually comprehending it. Instead, take your time, and read every sentence, you will retain lots more than if you just skimmed through it in 5 minutes.

Take Notes: When you read, it is always a great idea to take notes. If there are vocabulary words that you are unfamiliar with don't worry, just write them down, and get the definitions for them so you understand what they mean. Also you are able to highlight different materials because generally you will own the book. Feel free to use sticky notes to mark down important pages as well, because you generally will come back to important materials in the reading.

Read Over: One thing you can do to help maintain the information that you read is to read twice. When you read through once, you have a general understanding of the text, and what the author is trying to get across. The second time you read, you will catch more details, and understsand more concepts. This is a great way of studying for quizzes especially because you will maintain the information longer, so you won't forget it the day after when you have a quiz on the materials.

Friends: If you are having trouble understanding something from the material, take a note of it, then ask your friends/peers in the class. They will generally help you if you have questions, but make sure you try your best to do it by yourself before you resort to asking others. Do not ask if you have not done your work, because that just shows them that you don't care, and just want the easy way out.

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