Frankenstein – Book Review

Frankenstein for most is known as that story which a monster is created. The original story consists of the narrator being also the protagonist named Victor Frankenstein. He leaves Geneva and heads of to University of Ingolstadt in which he stays and studies but later is saddened by the death of a family member, his brother. Victor describes his old childhood friend Elizabeth Lavenza. Elizabeth’s mother dies and the Frankenstein’s end up adopting her. It was all in a instance when Caroline went on a trip to Italy and notices Elizabeth, she was an orphan and Caroline figures that the Italian family cant afford to feed her, so she is taken back to Geneva.

Victor is now old enough, 17 to be exact, and decides to embark on his journey and study at the University, he works hard, so hard he doesn’t even think back on his family or where he grew up Geneva. The result of such ambition has him pursue the only thing he has ever wished for, all the information he can get on the creation of life. Many of the scientists agree that his study has been a waste of time and try to make him change to a different study, but his ambition is great and he will not stop. He is so fascinated that he begins a project…a project that will later come to haunt him. After a long period he tries the impossible, to create a new race, a new living human like organism. On a cold rainy night he makes his creation come to life, his creation scared him so much he runs out of there and goes to bed to try and sleep. But the images still burn in his mind and he sees his creation next to his bed. It is very different since when most of us grew up we have seen all those movies of it being a eerie night but the creator was not scared, in the novel Victor is scared to death, so scared that he falls ill. He awakens the next day trying to find the creature, he is very ill and has a nurse check up on him to ensure his health. His father sent Victor a letter upon his return to the University regarding his brother William, it is very bad.

The letter contains the bad news which Victor did not await, the death of his brother William, he feels like his family is in need and begins his journey back to his hometown Geneva. Geneva being a kind of gated community closes by the time that Victor arrives, Victor to waste time then proceeds to where his brothers body was found. Justine a sister is accused of Williams death. Victor sees his creation in the same exact spot where his brothers body was found, he is now definitely convinced that the monster had killed his brother. He begins trying to persuade his family members wring that Justine is innocent, by the time all are convinced she is innocent it is too late she is executed, now Victor feels guilt for the death of his family members which his creation and actions had caused. Victor now enraged begins to track down the monster, his creation goes towards many different places and learns to read and write and begins to understand the family and human relations. It is a very interesting story in which you feel sorry for the creature because it is like a human, its trying to learn and the creation doesn’t know what it is doing, but by trial and error he learns what to do and not to do, how to speak and how to act. He believes that now acting more like a human he can communicate with them in which they will not be scared by his appearance.

He sees the opportunity to talk to the old man in the cottage, but three whom had just left the cottage return unexpected, they see him and disgusted by his appearance they scare him away. The creation is so furious and angry he vows to have revenge and kill any human especially his creator who made him this way. Victor decides to create a new similar female creation, he does so and in the last moment decides that society never deserved to have such hideous and evil creation which can bring death to all and then decides to kill his hard work. Frankenstein the first creation sees what he has done and vows to be where he is on his wedding night. His first creation takes the opportunity to kill Victors most precious possession, his wife. Victor just outside hears pitiful screams and goes inside to see the death of his wife, he is to the point of dedicating the rest of his life to hunt down his creation, his whole family has now been destroyed and leaves Geneva in search of him.

As the months pass Victor meets Walton, he tells Walton of his story and convinces him to pursue this creature after his death. Victor is on a ship which Walton and his crewmembers are in, days after they break through the ice and head to England Walton hears strange noises coming from the room which Victor lie dead, Walton hears the crying of the creation, the creation then leaves and goes into the darkness never to be heard of again.


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