Electronics Book Review: Sourcebook for Electronics Calculations, Formulas and Tables

I recently bought the book titled

Sourcebook for Electronic Calculations, Formulas and Tables

Written by Newton C. Braga

Published by Prompt Publications.

Copyright: 1999 by Howard W. Sams & Co.

Library Of Congress Card Number 99-63846.

International Standard Book Number 0-7906-1193-7

I was expecting a book of formulas and tables that listed formulas and definitions of variables and constants in those formulas. What I found when I opened the book was quite different. But this is not a reason to ignore this book when looking for a book on Electronic formulas and Tables. To the contrary, this is a reason to browse through this book and decide if this is the book you need.

I interpreted the phrase 'Sourcebook for Electronic Calculations' in the title as meaning the book provided the information necessary to perform calculations. This book goes beyond being a book of formulas and tables. It is really of sourcebook of formulas and examples using the formulas plus tables. It briefly provides the formulas for each component in series and parallel configurations, presents circuits containing the components, presents formulas and parameters for those circuits and gives a sample problems and solutions demonstrating how to use the formulas and parameters. The book serves as a reference. However, I don't recommend this book for someone who wants to learn electronics. I recommend the book for someone who knows electronics and needs the book as a reference. The book presents formulas. It does not derive the formulas nor explain the operation of the electronic circuits.

The book is easy to understand and very well organized. The only topic in the book that I feel was not covered adequately is the MOSFET. It does not cover enhancement and depletion MOSFETs. It does cover the generic formulas for a common source MOSFET circuit, a common drain MOSFET circuit and a common gate MOSFET circuit; and it provides problems and solutions.

The book provides excellent coverage of electronic components, operational amplifier circuits, transistor circuits, oscillators, bridges, logic functions, Boolean algebra, sound, loudspeaker crossover networks, optoelectronics, and mathematics. This is not a complete summary of the topics the book covers. I find this book extremely useful for my own purposes.

I highly recommend this book. I submit that anyone looking for an electronics handbook should consider this book.

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