Digital Pictures and Children's Books About Animals

You might want to consider using a computer to produce products and provide services. I have know a lot of people that could already have made great amounts of money with their computer, but have failed to accomplish this feat. The bad part for me is that this includes me, at least in the past. I was a full time school teacher and a part time college professor. There was very little "extra" time. I found myself finally beginning to put together my thoughts about how to proceed logically. One giant step for me was actually when I moved into teaching college classes. I found this jump to be more difficult than you might imagine and this was because the computer programs used at the college level were simply much more powerful than those being used at the high school level. After working for many years as a college professor I began to see needs and common threads from location to location. Then I retired from the regular school system and my time was more available. This explains why I am now here writing this article, but is not the focus of this article. I have found that you need to have a good quality color printer, fax machine, and scanner. A combination system is great. You need a good computer with a large hard drive and a digital camera. You need a good place to work. You also need to have knowledge or be able to research and present information.

We are in a fantastic period of opportunity, but this opportunity requires effort to open the doors. I once had a student that worked at a local animal attraction in Tampa Florida. She worked in the baby animal section for over 15 years. Not once did she take a picture with even a regular camera. Now of course I would have suggested taking pictures with a digital camera. It isn't enough to take the digital pictures however. The pictures must be totally pictures you take, they must be properly stored and referenced. You must be able to keep track of the date and time each picture was taken and a great amount of details about the picture itself. Do not mix these pictures with other pictures you may have from the internet etc. You want pictures that belong to you in particular. Learn to take better and better pictures. With this young woman I would have suggested keeping a running portfolio. Imagine now that she has a great picture of a chimp eating a banana and then writes a caption under the picture: "See the chimp eat the banana.", she now has in effect one page of a children's book about chimps. Every day for 15 years she went to work at a location where she could take such pictures. By now she could have written 50 children's books about animals she worked with on a daily basis. I have missed my own share of such opportunities. This young woman would have needed to get permission to take the pictures and permission to publish the books, but she was easily in the position to accomplish this requirement. In fact this attraction had over one million visitors per month and might even want to sell her books in their facility. We are not talking about writing about "null theory" or "quantum physics", this is quite a bit easier.

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