Comic Books and Graphic Novels

The comic industry is a clear reflection of society, thus is the latter which leads the way towards where the comic business is going. The industry is well aware of that, and graphic novels were created to cater to the need for more content in comic books.

Larger and targeted to more mature readers, graphic novels' content is adult-oriented. Big publishers such as Marvel or DC usually put together comic books miniseries into one book: the graphic novel.

The graphic novel segment has turned to be a lucrative and popular one, since it builds up a more loyal fan base. It's important to keep in mind that readers loyalty is crucial for small publishers as well as big ones. Word of mouth is the best advertising ever, is good to increase sales, reputation and fan base.

The graphic novel segment is very genre-sensitive; there are the classic science fiction and fantasy, fiction as well as real-life stories. Therefore, there's a wide range to choose from.

A popular sub-genre is fictionalized comic, either in the form of graphic novel or comic book. Maistream and indie are popular alike, and there's an amazing number books to read. There's a wide range to choose from: everyday people just like you and me or famous ones as Malcolm X. These readers aren't keen on superheroes as they regard them as artificial and a waste of time.

Those readers feel they have more in common with real life characters. There's an evident generation gap between the young and the older audience. Youngsters prefer plots and art which differ a lot form older people tastes. One of the most popular storylines among youngsters is the one of the imminent mayhem and the only one who can stop it is the – most of the times – young hero. This story, as well as the rest of the teen-oriented content has proved to be easily integrated into the youth culture.

Although differences between comic book and graphic novel aren't many, their aren't the same thing. Both of them provide the readers with the content they are expecting and the same results: entertain us.

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