Book Review: Will Bowen, A Complaint Free World

When I first noticed the book, A Complaint Free World, sitting on the shelf of the Target book section, I picked it up and promptly put it back. I smiled to myself thinking, "Yea, right. Like that could ever happen." As I continued looking at other books, I found myself gravitating back to this little book, thinking, "Well, maybe it can't happen in the entire world, but at least I can stop complaining." My thoughts continued. "If I can stop complaining, perhaps my entire family will stop complaining, and my neighbors, and friends, and…" So, I bought the book.

Will Bowen, the author, must be a genius! He has figured out how to market happiness. His book illustrates common themes that have been complained about for years. Without complaining, Bowen reinforces the value of positive thinking, and the impact it has in our lives. He backs up his theory using quotes from famous people. He clearly illustrates the success of positive thinking with the use of The Declaration of Independence, stating that Thomas Jefferson indicated that our original thirteen colonies were equal to England, not inferior, an extremely positive position that led to the success of a nation.

Throughout the book, Bowen offers everyone an opportunity to take the twenty-one day challenge of becoming individually complaint free. He directs us to his web site: We can order bracelets and other items there to help the cause. The idea, though not original, has merit. Bowen just gets paid for it.


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