Book Review: The Benchtop Electronics Reference Manual

This article reviews the technical book

The Benchtop Electronics Reference Manual

Second Edition

Written by Victor F.C. Veley

Published by Tab Books Division of McGraw-Hill

ISBN 0-8306-7414-4

Although this book is titled an electronics reference, it actually covers electrical theory, electronics theory and mathematics for electronics. The book is extremely well written and organized.

The book contains seven parts: (1) DC theory, (2) AC theory, (3) Solid State Devices, (4) Tubes, (5) Radio Communications, (6) Mathematics and (7) Digital Principles. Topics are easily found by browsing the table of contents.

Each part contains numerous topics all listed in the table of contents. For example: the first part contains 50 topics. The table of contents makes it easy for one to find any topic.

Each chapter contains an explanation of the chapter's topic along with figures that facilitate the explanations. Each chapter also includes samples and solutions. The explanations of the topics are concise and clear. The figures associated with those explanations are detailed and help the reader understand the explanations. The circuits shown are detailed with current directions and voltage drop definitions.

I liked the part on radio communications. This part has 23 chapters on 23 individual topics all listed in the table of contents. Once again, the figures are really helpful when learning the topics.

The mathematics part is just as well written as all the other parts. This part contains 18 chapters on everything from trigonometry to calculus.

The part on digital logic is an excellent tutorial for any beginner and a good reference for others.

This book is one of the best books on electrical theory and electronics that I have ever come across. It can be used by those who want to learn electricity and electronics as well as those who are looking for a good reference book. The topics are explained in an order that is suitable for the person learning electricity and electronics. This is the book to turn to when the explanation received isn't adequate. Carefully reading the relevant topic in this book will enhance your understanding.

I highly recommend this book for hobbyists and technicians.

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