Book Review – Get to #1 on Google

For most web designers, getting a high Google ranking has always been the most difficult part of building a website. The information has always been kept as a closely guarded secret known only by elitist group know as SEO masters. Now despite the pull to keep Goole ranking secrets hidden, a mastermind has diverged with a 216 page full color, book that covers all of the secrets profitable SEO companies use.

When I first saw this book at my local book store I was skeptical about the quality of the information such as remedial redundancy I've read before. I have been to hundreds of SEO websites before promising to give Google secrets, but when I get to the website they usually give an ultimatium that in order to unlock the myteries, it is required to sign up for an unreasonable amount of spam, or an incredibly obvious explination that might help, but will not guarantee any high ranking success. Since there was nothing to loose but a measly $16.00 USD for the book, I decided i would take it home and read it.

My first impression was the layout of the book. Each chapter was beautifully color coded to make it easy to find content you might have forgotten the full details of. Each page was very clean and didn't contain to much information, it was clear and to the point. The book contained information that I have not been able to find anywhere, such as that Google looks through your entire files and their name, therefore giving you another place to cram a few more keywords in (tastefully of course). Another great feature about this book was that on every page in the sidebar there are one or two paragraphs that reinforce certain key features. Although some of the side links started repeating the same information over and over, it still did a great job in causing the reader to remember certain key components. I would love to share all the information that is covered by the book, but that would not be fair to the author, but I will share the table of contents with you so you can decide whether this book is right or not for you.

Introduction to Google Free Essential tools and Services Choosing Your Keywords Know Your Competition Setting Up Your Website Designing for Google Optimizing Your Website Let Google Know You are There Linking to Your Success Monitoring Your Results Google AdWords Test and Measure Google Product Search Web 2.0 Extra Help

In conclusion the book "Get to #1 on Google" exceeded my expectation as far as quality and useful information is concerned. I really recommend this book because of its quick and easy read, highly organized and creative SEO solutions that have been hidden.

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