Book Review: "Akiak–A Tale from the Iditarod" by Robert J. Blake

Akiak is a wonderful tale for children, & the child in all of us. It tells a story of courage & heart in the vast snowscapes of Alaska, on the infamous trails of the Iditarod dogsled race.

The story follows a sled dog, Akiak, who at 10 years old, has led her team through the Iditarod 7 times, but has never taken First place. This, she feels, is her time.

Along the trail, Akiak injures her paw, & so has to be left at a checkpoint along the trail to be flown home. But Akiak's determination leads her to break free before she can be flown back, to move forward towards the win she knows she can pull off.

Akiak's journey is a great one, truly telling of the sled-dog spirit.

This was my first read of Robert J. Blake's work, & I was impressed not only with his wonderful storytelling ability & his AMAZING artwork, but his knowledge. Mr. Blake actually traveled to witness the Iditarod firsthand for this book, & it shows in his story & information. He leaves a nice Author's Note in the back, explaining the events in his story as they pertain to the real rules of the Iditarod race.

I loved this short book, & look forward to reading more of Robert J. Blake's stories.

"Akiak–A Tale From The Iditarod" written & illustrated by Robert J. Blake.
Published 1997 by Philomel Books, a division of The Putnam & Grosset Group.


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