Assassin's Creed Graphic Novels Book Review

Titan Books recently published a series of three Assassin's Creed graphic novels written and illustrated by prolific European comic book artists Eric Corbeyran and Djillali Defali. The first three books in the graphic novel series are titled "Desmond," "Aquilus," and "Accipiter" respectively.

The first of the three book set picks up where the first game in the series started. Desmond Miles has been kidnapped by Abstergo Industries because of his rich lineage. They force him into a machine called an Animus which brings Desmond back in time to see things through the eyes of his ancestors. Prolonged use of the Animus takes a tremendous physical toll on Desmond's body and mind but unfortunately the folks at Abstergo do not care for his well-being in the slightest. The scientists at Abstergo watching the events of the past unfold in hopes of learning historical secrets. Their goal is not simply educational, however. They are looking for the location of a powerful artifact hidden away centuries ago. An artifact that will help them rule the world.

The graphic novels loosely follow the events of the first Assassin's Creed game as well as some of the second; with a few notable differences (for example Clay doesn't actually come into the picture until much later in the video game series, but makes an appearance in the very first graphic novel). The graphic novels also introduce us to a new Assassin named Aquilus who doesn't even appear in the video games at all, and reveals how Desmond came to be kidnapped and what he did before being used as an Abstergo Industries guinea pig.

There is still a lot of the Assassin's Creed story to be told but the first three books do a fantastic job of setting things up for future installments. They are a good way for fans of the series to learn more about the Assassin's Creed universe while keeping things fresh with a few new plot twists speckled in. The graphic novels are also an excellent way to introduce this awesome storyline to readers who may not be gamers and haven't played the Assassin's Creed games. Assassin's Creed is a unique blend of science fiction and history so it has a broad appeal – not just gamers.

The graphic novels are available for $9.99 each from most retailers including Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Each book is 48 pages long and available only in hardcover.

Final Score: 5 / 5 stars

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