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Building Software for Simulation Free Ebook

Name : Building Software for Simulation

Author : James J. Nutaro

Publication : Wiley

Size : 6.9 mb

Pages : 347

This book offers a concise introduction to the art of building simulation software, collecting the most important concepts and algorithms in one place. Written for both individuals new to the field of modeling and simulation as well as experienced pr....

Software Design for Six Sigma Free Ebook

Name : Software Design for Six Sigma

Author : Basem S. El-Haik, Adnan Shaout

Publication : Wiley

Size : 5.9 mb

Pages : 532

This proposal constitutes an algorithm of design applying the design for six sigma thinking, tools, and philosophy to software design. The algorithm will also include conceptual design frameworks, mathematical derivation for Six Sigma capability upf....

Software Development Rhythms Free Ebook

Name : Software Development Rhythms

Author : Kim Man Lui, Keith C. C. Chan

Publication : Wiley

Size : 4.9 mb

Pages : 308

Agile software development is a popular development process that continues to reshape philosophies on the connections between disciplined processes and agile practices. In Software Development Rhythms, authors Lui and Chan explain how adopting one pr....

Software Error Detection through Testing and Analysis Free Ebook

Name : Software Error Detection through Testing and Analysis

Author : J. C. Huang

Publication : Wiley

Size : 6.4 mb

Pages : 259

Software error detection is one of the most challenging problems in software engineering. Now, you can learn how to make the most of software testing by selecting test cases to maximize the probability of revealing latent errors. Software Error Detec....

Software Performance and Scalability Free Ebook

Name : Software Performance and Scalability

Author : Henry H. Liu

Publication : Wiley

Size : 7.3 mb

Pages : 375

Software Performance and Scalability gives you a specialized skill set that will enable you to design and build performance into your products with immediate, measurable improvements. Complemented with real-world case studies, it is an indispensable ....

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