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Parallel Programming with Intel Parallel Studio XE Free Ebook

Name : Parallel Programming with Intel Parallel Studio XE

Author : Stephen Blair-Chappell, Andrew Stokes

Publication : Wrox

Size : 51 mb

Pages : 552

Parallel programming is rapidly becoming a &quotmust-know&quot skill for developers. Yet, where to start? This teach-yourself tutorial is an ideal starting point for developers who already know Windows C and C++ and are eager to add parallelism to ....

Professional Heroku Programming Free Ebook

Name : Professional Heroku Programming

Author : Chris Kemp, Brad Gyger

Publication : Wrox

Size : 31.5 mb

Pages : 522

A cloud application platform, Heroku is currently the only approved platform for creating apps within Facebook, and its number of users is growing at rapid pace. However, there are very few books on the market that offer professional-level coverage o....

Professional Multicore Programming Free Ebook

Name : Professional Multicore Programming

Author : Tracey Hughes, Cameron Hughes

Publication : Wrox

Size : 17.9 mb

Pages : 648

In order to increase overall system performance, computer manufacturers have opted to add more processors rather than increase clock frequency. In turn, if you want an application to benefit from the next new processor, that application will have to ....

Professional WPF Programming Free Ebook

Name : Professional WPF Programming

Author : Chris Andrade, Shawn Livermore, Mike Meyers, Scott Van Vliet

Publication : Wrox

Size : 14.1 mb

Pages : 480

If you want to learn how to build killer user interfaces for Windows and the web, then this book is for you. It arms you with the tools and code you'll need to effectively utilize the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF). From creating appealing gra....

Programming Interviews Exposed, 3rd Edition Free Ebook

Name : Programming Interviews Exposed, 3rd Edition

Author : John Mongan, Noah Kindler, Eric Giguere

Publication : Wrox

Size : 7.3 mb

Pages : 336

In today's tight job market, competition for programming jobs is hotter than ever. This third edition of a popular guide to programming interviews includes new code examples, information on the latest languages, new chapters on sorting and design pat....

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