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Beginning Arduino Programming Free Ebook

Name : Beginning Arduino Programming

Author : Brian Evans

Publication : Apress

Size : 36.9 mb

Pages : 272

Beginning Arduino Programming allows you to quickly and intuitively develop your programming skills through sketching in code. This clear introduction provides you with an understanding of the basic framework for developing Arduino code, including th....

Beginning Kinect Programming with the Microsoft Kinect SDK Free Ebook

Name : Beginning Kinect Programming with the Microsoft Kinect SDK

Author : Jarrett Webb, James Ashley

Publication : Apress

Size : 4.2 mb

Pages : 324

Beginning Kinect Programming with the Microsoft Kinect SDK gets you up and running developing Kinect applications for your PC using Microsoft tools and the official SDK. You will have a working Kinect program by the end of the first chapter! The foll....

Event-Based Programming Free Ebook

Name : Event-Based Programming

Author : Ted Faison

Publication : Apress

Size : 4.5 mb

Pages : 700

Languages like C#, VB .NET, and Delphi include built-in support for events, and these events become very powerful when they connect the objects and components of a system. Events make it possible for such parts to interact without any coupling. And t....

Pro Bash Programming Free Ebook

Name : Pro Bash Programming

Author : Chris Johnson

Publication : Apress

Size : 6 mb

Pages : 350

The bash shell is a complete programming language, not merely a glue to combine external Linux commands. By taking full advantage of shell internals, shell programs can perform as snappily as utilities written in C or other compiled languages. And yo....

Winning LEGO MINDSTORMS Programming Free Ebook

Name : Winning LEGO MINDSTORMS Programming

Author : James J. Trobaugh, Mannie Lowe

Publication : Apress

Size : 14.4 mb

Pages : 252

Winning LEGO MINDSTORMS Programming is your ticket to successfully programming for fun and competition with LEGO MINDSTORMS and the NXT-G programming language commonly used in FIRST LEGO League events. The book is a companion title to author James Tr....

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