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Applied WPF 4 in Context Free Ebook

Name : Applied WPF 4 in Context

Author : Raffaele Garofalo

Publication : Apress

Size : 5 mb

Pages : 352

Using this book, you'll learn how to implement world-class Windows Professional Foundation (WPF) solutions in a real-world line of business applications, developing the code from the ground up, and understand how to apply best development practices a....

Beginning Blender Free Ebook

Name : Beginning Blender

Author : Lance Flavell

Publication : Apress

Size : 16.9 mb

Pages : 448

A new world of creative possibilities is opened by Blender, the most popular and powerful open source 3D and animation tool.The book starts with the creation of simple figures using basic modeling and sculpting. It then teaches you how to bridge ....

Beginning Nokia Apps Development Free Ebook

Name : Beginning Nokia Apps Development

Author : Ray Rischpater, Daniel Zucker

Publication : Apress

Size : 8.4 mb

Pages : 248

While media buzz regularly circulates around iPhone and Android, Nokia still leads the pack in terms of world market share. Symbian, for instance, remains the most widely used mobile operating system. With Nokia's open development platform, the oppor....

Beginning PhoneGap Free Ebook

Name : Beginning PhoneGap

Author : Rohit Ghatol, Yogesh Patel

Publication : Apress

Size : 28.2 mb

Pages : 344

PhoneGap is a growing and leading open-source mobile web apps development framework that lets developers build JavaScript and HTML5-based web applications with native wrappers for more than six mobile platforms, including iOS, Android, and BlackBerry....

Beginning POJOs Free Ebook

Name : Beginning POJOs

Author : Brian Sam-Bodden

Publication : Apress

Size : 11.9 mb

Pages : 424

Beginning POJOs introduces you to open source lightweight web development using Plain Old Java Objects (POJOs) and the tools and frameworks that enable this. Tier by tier, this book guides you through the construction of complex but lightweight enter....

Beginning R Free Ebook

Name : Beginning R

Author : Larry Pace

Publication : Apress

Size : 11.7 mb

Pages : 336

Beginning R: An Introduction to Statistical Programming is a hands-on book showing how to use the R language, write and save R scripts, build and import data files, and write your own custom statistical functions. R is a powerful open-source implemen....

Beginning WF Free Ebook

Name : Beginning WF

Author : Mark Collins, Mark J. Collins

Publication : Apress

Size : 5.25 mb

Pages : 500

Windows Workflow Foundation is a ground-breaking addition to the core of the .NET Framework that allows you to orchestrate human and system interactions as a series of workflows that can be easily mapped, analyzed, adjusted, and implemented.As bu....

BizTalk 2010 Recipes Free Ebook

Name : BizTalk 2010 Recipes

Author : Mark Beckner

Publication : Apress

Size : 10.4 mb

Pages : 608

BizTalk 2010 Recipes provides ready-made solutions to BizTalk Server 2010 developers. The recipes in the book save you the effort of developing your own solutions to common problems that have been solved many times over. The solutions demonstrate sou....

Coding Interviews Free Ebook

Name : Coding Interviews

Author : Harry He

Publication : Apress

Size : 5.9 mb

Pages : 304

This book is about coding interview question of software and Internet companies. It covers five key factors which determine performance of candidates: (1) the basics of programming languages, data structures and algorithms, (2) approaches to writing ....

CRM Fundamentals Free Ebook

Name : CRM Fundamentals

Author : Scott Kostojohn, Mathew Johnson, Brian Paulen

Publication : Apress

Size : 5.4 mb

Pages : 248

CRM Fundamentals is a critical and comprehensive resource for executives and project leaders tasked with managing customer relationship management (CRM) initiatives. It provides an introduction to CRM and how it delivers value to organizations, and d....

DBA Survivor Free Ebook

Name : DBA Survivor

Author : Thomas LaRock

Publication : Apress

Size : 4 mb

Pages : 250

DBA Survivor is a book to help new database administrators understand more about the world of database administration. More and more people are moving into the DBA profession, and many are looking for a getting-started guide. Blogs are written about ....

Expert F# 2.0 Free Ebook

Name : Expert F# 2.0

Author : Don Syme, Adam Granicz, Antonio Cisternino

Publication : Apress

Size : 6.1 mb

Pages : 624

Expert F# 2.0 is about practical programming in a beautiful language that puts the power and elegance of functional programming into the hands of professional developers. In combination with .NET, F# achieves unrivaled levels of programmer productivi....

Expert F# 3.0, 3rd Edition Free Ebook

Name : Expert F# 3.0, 3rd Edition

Author : Don Syme, Adam Granicz, Antonio Cisternino

Publication : Apress

Size : 16.8 mb

Pages : 624

Expert F# 3.0 is about practical programming in a beautiful language that puts the power and elegance of data-rich functional programming into the hands of professional developers. In combination with .NET, F# achieves unrivaled levels of programmer ....

Iterating Infusion Free Ebook

Name : Iterating Infusion

Author : Greg Anthony

Publication : Apress

Size : 4 mb

Pages : 220

Iterating Infusion: Clearer Views of Objects, Classes, and Systems is a one-of-a-kind book, not dependent on any single technology. Rather, it provides a way to integrate the most efficient techniques from a variety of programming methods, in a manne....

Learn cocos2d 2 Free Ebook

Name : Learn cocos2d 2

Author : Steffen Itterheim, Andreas Low

Publication : Apress

Size : 14.5 mb

Pages : 544

Create compelling 2D games with Learn cocos2d 2: Game Development with iOS. This book shows you how to use the powerful new cocos2d, version 2 game engine to develop games for iPhone and iPad with tilemaps, virtual joypads, Game Center, and more.....

MooTools Essentials Free Ebook

Name : MooTools Essentials

Author : Aaron Newton

Publication : Apress

Size : 1.7 mb

Pages : 276

Mootools is a light, modular JavaScript framework that makes adding Ajax, animations, and interactive elements to your site a breeze. But it's more than fancy effects and shortcuts Mootools enhances the JavaScript language and makes writing clean, o....

Practical AVR Microcontrollers Free Ebook

Name : Practical AVR Microcontrollers

Author : Alan Trevennor

Publication : Apress

Size : 18.6 mb

Pages : 416

If you've heard of Arduino or even used it in your own projects, you probably know that the AVR microcontroller is the brain of the Arduino. In Practical AVR Microcontrollers, you'll learn how to use the AVR microcontroller to make your own nifty pro....

Practical LEGO Technics Free Ebook

Name : Practical LEGO Technics

Author : Mark Rollins

Publication : Apress

Size : 78.1 mb

Pages : 272

You already know you can create amazing things with LEGO, but did you know you can also make vehicles that roll and model plans that include landing gear and flaps that actually extend and retract? You can even make functional robots without getting ....

Practical RichFaces, 2nd Edition Free Ebook

Name : Practical RichFaces, 2nd Edition

Author : Max Katz, Ilya Shaikovsky

Publication : Apress

Size : 22.8 mb

Pages : 408

RichFaces 4 is a component library for JavaServer Faces, and an advanced framework for easily integrating AJAX capabilities into business applications. It lets you quickly develop next-generation web applications based on JSF 2/Ajax.In this defin....

Pro Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2012, 2nd Edition Free Ebook

Name : Pro Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2012, 2nd Edition

Author : Joachim Rossberg, Mathias Olausson

Publication : Apress

Size : 26.8 mb

Pages : 668

Pro Application Lifecycle Management with Visual Studio 2012 focuses on the most powerful ALM tool available for the Microsoft .NET Framework: Visual Studio Team Foundation Server. It demonstrates the key concepts and techniques of ALM at first with ....

Pro Expression Blend 4 Free Ebook

Name : Pro Expression Blend 4

Author : Andrew Troelsen

Publication : Apress

Size : 10.8 mb

Pages : 400

Pro Expression Blend 4 is for .NET developers and graphical artists who want to learn the ins and outs of the Expression Blend integrated development environment. You may know already that this tool can be used to build Windows Presentation Foundatio....

Pro LINQ Free Ebook

Name : Pro LINQ

Author : Joseph C. Rattz, Jr., Dennis Hayes

Publication : Apress

Size : 9.46 mb

Pages : 744

LINQ is the project name for a set of extensions to the .NET Framework that provide a generic approach to querying data from different data sources. LINQ made its debut in Visual Studio 2008, and became a must–have skill for .NET developers.In ....

Pro Netbeans IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition Free Ebook

Name : Pro Netbeans IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition

Author : Adam Myatt

Publication : Apress

Size : 12.7 mb

Pages : 491

Pro NetBeans IDE 6 Rich Client Platform Edition is the second Apress book to cover the agile, open source NetBeans IDE platform. The book focuses on the new features of NetBeans 6 as well as what has changed since NetBeans 5.5, empowering you to be a....

Pro Puppet Free Ebook

Name : Pro Puppet

Author : James Turnbull , Jeffrey McCune

Publication : Apress

Size : 7.4 mb

Pages : 336

Pro Puppet is an in-depth guide to installing, using, and developing the popular configuration management tool Puppet. The book is a comprehensive follow-up to the previous title Pulling Strings with Puppet. Puppet provides a way to automate everythi....

Pro Smartphone Cross-Platform Development Free Ebook

Name : Pro Smartphone Cross-Platform Development

Author : Sarah Allen, Vidal Graupera, Lee Lundrigan

Publication : Apress

Size : 10.3 mb

Pages : 288

Learn the theory behind cross-platform development, and put the theory into practice with code using the invaluable information presented in this book. With in-depth coverage of development and distribution techniques for iPhone, BlackBerry, Windows ....

Pro Sync Framework Free Ebook

Name : Pro Sync Framework

Author : Rituraj Singh, Joydip Kanjilal

Publication : Apress

Size : 10.4 mb

Pages : 352

The Sync Framework is Microsoft's innovation to address the dilemma of occasionally connected systems. It is a comprehensive synchronization platform that enables collaboration and offline access for applications, services, and devices. In particular....

Pro Team Foundation Service Free Ebook

Name : Pro Team Foundation Service

Author : Mathias Olausson, Joachim Rossberg, Jakob Ehn, Mattias Skold

Publication : Apress

Size : 17.1 mb

Pages : 404

Pro Team Foundation Service gives you a jump-start into Microsoft's cloud-based Application Lifecycle Management platform, taking you through the different stages of software development. Every project needs to plan, develop, test and release softwar....

Pro Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 Development Free Ebook

Name : Pro Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 Development

Author : Tim Leung, Yann Duran

Publication : Apress

Size : 22.7 mb

Pages : 736

Microsoft Visual Studio LightSwitch 2011 is a rapid application deployment tool that lets power users and administrators build data-centric business applications for the desktop, cloud, and Web in just a few clicks, with no code required. But more ad....

Pro WCF 4, 2nd Edition Free Ebook

Name : Pro WCF 4, 2nd Edition

Author : Nishith Pathak

Publication : Apress

Size : 22.7 mb

Pages : 472

Pro WCF 4.0: Practical Microsoft SOA Implementation is a complete guide to Windows Communication Foundation from the service-oriented architecture (SOA) perspective, showing you why WCF is important to service-oriented architecture and development. T....

Pro WF 4.5 Free Ebook

Name : Pro WF 4.5

Author : Bayer White

Publication : Apress

Size : 17.5 mb

Pages : 652

In Pro WF 4.5, you'll find the insight and direction for understanding how to build workflows using WF 4.5 and host them as long-running services using Microsoft's Windows Server, for on-premises work, and Azure AppFabric, for hosting workflows in th....

Pro Wicket Free Ebook

Name : Pro Wicket

Author : Karthik Gurumurthy

Publication : Apress

Size : 4.9 mb

Pages : 328

Wicket is an open source, component-oriented (POJOs-based), lightweight Java web application development framework that brings the Java Swing event-based programming model to web development. Wicket pages can be mocked up, previewed, and later revise....

Pro WPF 4.5 in VB Free Ebook

Name : Pro WPF 4.5 in VB

Author : Matthew MacDonald

Publication : Apress

Size : 23.1 mb

Pages : 1104

Microsoft's Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) provides you with a development framework for building high-quality user experiences for the Windows operating system. It blends together rich content from a wide range of sources and allows you unpar....

Processing, 2nd Edition Free Ebook

Name : Processing, 2nd Edition

Author : Ira Greenberg, Dianna Xu, Deepak Kumar

Publication : Apress

Size : 18.8 mb

Pages : 472

Processing: Creative Coding and Generative Art in Processing 2 is a fun and creative approach to learning programming. Using the easy to learn Processing programming language, you will quickly learn how to draw with code, and from there move to anima....

Startup Free Ebook

Name : Startup

Author : Kevin Ready

Publication : Apress

Size : 2.6 mb

Pages : 150

Startup: An Insider's Guide to Launching and Running a Business is for people who are excellent at something - product or web development, writing code, marketing or selling anything - but who are now toiling for others. Yet they have long had a drea....

The Definitive Guide to Jython Free Ebook

Name : The Definitive Guide to Jython

Author : Josh Juneau, Jim Baker, Frank Wierzbicki, Leo Soto Munoz, Victor Ng

Publication : Apress

Size : 11.7 mb

Pages : 544

Jython is an open source implementation of the high-level, dynamic, object-oriented scripting language Python seamlessly integrated with the Java platform. The predecessor to Jython, JPython, is certified as 100% Pure Java. Jython is freely available....

The Definitive Guide to NetBeans Platform 7 Free Ebook

Name : The Definitive Guide to NetBeans Platform 7

Author : Heiko Bock

Publication : Apress

Size : 17.1 mb

Pages : 592

The NetBeans Platform is the world's only modular Swing application framework, used by very large organizations in mission-critical scenarios, such as at Boeing and Northrop Grumman, as well as in the financial sector and in the oil/gas industry. For....

TypeScript Revealed Free Ebook

Name : TypeScript Revealed

Author : Dan Maharry

Publication : Apress

Size : 3.7 mb

Pages : 104

TypeScript Revealed is a quick 100-page guide to Anders Hejlsberg's new take on JavaScript. With this brief, fast-paced introduction to TypeScript, .NET, Web and Windows 8 application developers who are already familiar with JavaScript will easily ge....

WinRT Revealed Free Ebook

Name : WinRT Revealed

Author : Michael Mayberry

Publication : Apress

Size : 4.5 mb

Pages : 92

Windows 8 application development is an exciting topic these days. Windows 8 introduces WinRT, the API for accessing the operating system and the underlying hardware where Metro applications run. WinRT can be accessed through multiple development lan....

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