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The Myths of Security Free Ebook

Name : The Myths of Security

Author : John Viega

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 1.9 mb

Pages : 264

If you think computer security has improved in recent years, Myths of Security will shake you out of your complacency. Longtime security professional John Viega reports on the sorry state of security, with concrete suggestions for professionals and i....

Beautiful Security Free Ebook

Name : Beautiful Security

Author : Andy Oram, John Viega

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 2.84 mb

Pages : 304

In Beautiful Security, today's security experts offer a collection of essays that describe bold and extraordinary methods to secure computer systems in the face of ever-increasing threats. You'll learn how new and more aggressive security measures wo....

Network Security with OpenSSL Free Ebook

Name : Network Security with OpenSSL

Author : John Viega, Matt Messier, Pravir Chandra

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 2.84 mb

Pages : 384

OpenSSL is a popular and effective open source version of SSL/TLS, the most widely used protocol for secure network communications. The only guide available on the subject, Network Security with OpenSSLdetails the challenges in securing network comm....

Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C++ Free Ebook

Name : Secure Programming Cookbook for C and C++

Author : John Viega, Matt Messier

Publication : O'Reilly Media

Size : 5.4 mb

Pages : 792

Password sniffing, spoofing, buffer overflows, and denial of service: these are only a few of the attacks on today's computer systems and networks. At the root of this epidemic is poorly written, poorly tested, and insecure code that puts everyone at....

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