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Working with NHibernate 3.0 Free Ebook

Name : Working with NHibernate 3.0

Author : Benjamin Perkins

Publication : Wrox

Size : 17.3 mb

Pages : 230

This book provides examples using the IQuery, ICriteria, QueryOver, and LINQ to NHibernate API's within the context of an example Guitar Store inventory program. The reader is walked through the creation of a Microsoft SQL Server 2008 database, the ....

Professional Microsoft IIS 8 Free Ebook

Name : Professional Microsoft IIS 8

Author : Ken Schaefer, Jeff Cochran, Scott Forsyth, Dennis Glendenning, Benjamin Perkins

Publication : Wrox

Size : 27.7 mb

Pages : 984

If you're a developer or administrator, you'll want to get thoroughly up to speed on Microsoft's new IIS 8 platform with this complete, in-depth reference. Prepare yourself to administer IIS 8 in not only commercial websites and corporate intranets, ....

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